Smart electricity solution to save you time, money and energy

Layla Electric is an all-in-one AI platform that puts real-estate energy and control in your hands and out of mind.

See how much you can save today

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20 %
Savings on electricity bills

Smart, Measurable, Sustainable

With a single device and within 10 seconds you can map and identify every important device in your property.

Control & Maintenance

Layla Electric is constantly monitoring your property's electricity output for unauthorised use. It can alert you to parties, break-ins, and more.

Savings from day one!

Layla Electric saves users up to 20% on their annual energy bill.

Why Us?

Layla Electric is affordable, cloud-centric, reliable and focused on security.

  • All-in-one solution
  • It's all about the cloud - Once installed, never need to be replace again
  • Manage by control panel and mobile App
4304 KW

Total KW saved


Accident saved

348 KG


App Features

Smart Notifications

Connect your property to an AI system that will notify you only when it really needs you.

Multi Devices

No need to connect a new device to your application, ever again let Layla Electric do the work for you.

Properties Consumptions

Integrated reports let you benchmark your usage against similar properties in your area to constantly optimise your output.

Multi Access

Give your team the autonomy they need to be responsible in your property. User admin controls put power in everyone's hands.

Our Platform

Download the Layla Platform today, and see how you can save energy tomorrow.
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